Even the strongest bearing cannot handle the unfavorable working medium as (load, incorrect lubrication, contamination, improper mounting). The analysis made from SKF shows that the earlier failures of the rolling bearings, leading to downtime are because of:

16% - Improper methods and inappropriate instruments for mounting
36% - Bad lubrication – improper selected lubricants and not enough lubrication
14% - Contamination of the bearing
34% - Preload and bad maintenance

The main objective of the technical maintenance is to keep the working capacity and the safety operation of the equipment for longer periods of time, if it is possible. The market forces the manufacturers to decrease their own production expenses, which leads to decreasing the maintenance expenses. One of the possible solutions is to change the point of view towards the maintenance. Let we look at the maintenance not as a branch, which generates expenses but as a branch which can help increase the profit of a certain company. That is possible if the right maintenance system is chosen, which can turn out to be crucial factor during the survival of the production in dynamically changed working medium where we work.

Assessing the importance of mounting and dismounting operations upon the durability of the bearings and the protection of the shafts, INTRACOM Trade offers the full range of instruments for proper mounting and dismounting of rolling bearings, in accordance to the method we use.

The alignment of rotating machinery is very important factor for increasing the reliability of the equipment. The precise alignment of the machinery leads to:

  • Increase of the operational time of the equipment
  • Increase the reliability
  • Decrease of the energy loses
  • Increase of the production quality

INTRACOM Trade offers the full product range of instruments from SKF and Fixturlaser for alignment of shafts, inspection of linearity, geometry and alignment of belt pulleys.

If we find the potential problems earlier in the equipment, that will lead to lowering the loses from downtime, of the machinery. Exploring the rotary equipment the most frequent reasons for failure are: 

  • Misalignment
  • Imbalance 
  • Problems in gearing
  • Improper lubricant
  • Insufficient lubrication or excess of lubrication
  • Contamination
  • Improper mounting

The most accurate idea for the condition of the equipment we gain from the measurements of a certain parameters in the most loaded point, in the bearing arrangement. The bearings are machine elements, which first react to the problems. Because of their part as a unit, which serve to connect the moving and stationary parts, their function is to play as a safety device, that’s why when we do vibrodiagnostics, we track the temperature, noise and vibrations of the bearing arrangement.

INTRACOM Trade Ltd as a representative of the global manufacturer for infrared cameras – Infrared Solutions for Bulgaria, would like to present in front of you a better, quicker and more effective way of discovering the potential sources of problems in Your mechanical and electrical equipment. With the help of this device you can locate the sources of energy loses, as well as and to play quality control upon Your production. The main applications are in the following fields of activities:

  • Predictive maintenance of the electrical equipment
  • Predictive maintenance of the mechanical equipment
  • Locates broken isolation on the power line
  • The quality of the products
  • Monitoring the process
  • Scientific purposes
  • Expose the moisture
  • Evaluation of the energy loses
  • Expecting roof isolation
  • Pollution of the soil










SKF – “Power Trasmissions”