INTRACOM Trade offers to you:

The full product range of the Swedish concern SKF, as there are included all the rolling bearings applications all over the world.

GREASE: The effective lubrication together with the use of the recommended SKF – greases, instruments and devices helps you to minimize the downtimes. SKF as a pioneer in building and manufacturing of bearings has the most detail look on the needs for lubrication of the bearings at any working conditions. The continuous scientific researches and attempts are part of the recipe of all the SKF greases. The choice of the proper grease for a certain device is critical part of its maintenance. SKF is created for its clients 14 types of greases, as well as with general or special application.

SEALS: The bearings are precise components, which can’t operate effectively enough if they or their lubricators are not effectively protected. SKF is producing seals under the trade-mark of CR and the product range includes over 200 types of seals, over 3000 designations of the standard seals and over 10 000 sizes from 3 to 4500 mm.

Goodyear: These are products, which transmit the movement. The high reliability and multifunctional design of the product range, which are available, with the belts for the power transmissions.

FILTERS: The contamination of the fluids is the main reason for the increase of the wear and for the decrease of the equipment reliability. The most effective solution for control of these contamination processes is the filtration.

ISTRUMENTS: INTRACOM Trade offers the full product range of SKF instruments and equipment for quick, fast and effective mounting, based on the SKF big experience and new technologies. Assessing the importance of mounting and dismounting operations upon the durability of the bearings and the protection of the shafts, SKF produces:

  • Mechanical instruments – brackets and mounting assemblies (the instruments, which SKF produces are suited to the proper mounting)
  • Heaters – induction heaters
  • Drive up method – hydraulic pumps, nuts, injectors and devices, which gave the opportunity to use the force of the oil under pressure during the mounting and dismounting.

SYSTEMS FOR ALIGNMENT: INTRACOM Trade offers laser systems for alignment production of SKF and Fixturelaser. The laser systems allows very precise and quick alignment of the shafts, as well as and inspection of their geometry.

LOCTITE: INTRACOM Trade as a distributor of Henkel Loctite offers to you the entire range of industrial products, which can be very useful during repair operations. Almost 50 years in production and research Henkel Loctite is one of the leading trade – marks, which are guarantee for quality and variety of technical solutions.

VIBRODIAGNOSTICS: If we use the results form the vibrodiagnostics, we can find failure as:

  • Imbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Mechanical loses
  • Lubrication problems
  • Bearing failures etc.

The predictive-maintenance program includes equipment, which consists of three major groups:

  • Condition control – measuring the dynamic and operating values (temperature, vibrations, alignment etc)
  • Condition analysis – devices for gathering information and analyzed it.
  • On line systems for control and protection.

Thermography is a part of the predictive-maintenance program. Besides that, it has application in the assessment of the running processes in particular production. INTRACOM Trade is a representative of the Infrared Solutions. The Infrared Solutions cameras ensure the optimal ratio between price / quality, which you may find today on the market. The main applications of these cameras are in the field of:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Process control
  • Quality control of the production
  • Scientific researches.

AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR: INTRACOM Trade offers bearings, seals and kits for front and rear wheels for the following trucks: CITROEN, DAF, FIAT-IVECO, FORD, MAN, MERCEDES-BENZ, PEUGEOT, RENAULT-RVI, SCANIA, VOLKSWAGEN and VOLVO. Also you can find bearings for wheels to buses: FIAT-IVECO, KASSBOHRER/SETRA, MAN, MERCEDES-BENZ, RENAULT-RVI, SCANIA and VOLVO

INTRACOM Trade offers the full range of SKF products for light and commercial vehicles:

  • Wheel bearings
  • Water pumps
  • Drive belts
  • Suspension
  • Multy-V belts
  • Belts and pulleys

The product range covers 95% of the global market.

INTRACOM Trade offers a quality range of instruments – Hitachi, Fluke and Unior. The high grade instruments of the above firms are a sign of reliability and accuracy. The quality of these products, range and endurance facilitate your work and help you improve you quality and easy you with the maintenance.










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