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The SKF Certified Maintenance Partner Programme

A Certified Maintenance Partner is an SKF Authorized Distributor that has been trained to provide specialized services including the use of the most advanced machine reliability hardware and software. Supported by SKF, and using the latest technologies, we can help you look inside your machinery to find savings you never suspected were possible.

Through the SKF Certified Maintenance Programme, you can tap into the rich resources and experience of SKF to optimize your machine assets for increased productivity and profitability.

By using the latest data analysis tools and software, SKF Reliability System experts will interpret all collected information, and evaluation of the machine’s current condition and problem areas is done. In most cases, we can recommend you appropriate corrective action plan to help you achieve improved performance from your critical machinery assets.

Contact us, your SKF Certified Maintenance Partner, about scheduling a meeting to discuss goals and the most critical machinery and turn your machine into greater productivity. We will work with you and your staff to improve equipment reliability.

Utilizing the latest measuring equipment for condition monitoring of the
actual condition of the rotating machinery,

Fixture Laser shaft 200

Microlog CMVA 65

Microlog GX

Microlog MX

Balancing machine

Machine Analyst – software

We offer you a working
solution, which will optimize Your working process.