About us

INTRACOM Trade Ltd is a 100% privately held company with limited responsibility, founded in 1996 with a head office in Shoumen.
The company develops its activity in the range of products supply for the industrial plants. The other direction in which INTRACOM Trade is developing is in projects related to the increase of reliability, of the rotating equipment and other service activities.

Since 1996 the company is authorized distributor of the Swedish company SKF for Bulgaria

Since 1999 the company is working with SKF, as a partner, in projects developing the services of SKF on the territory of Bulgaria.

Since 2002 the company together with SKF is working on projects which increase the reliability of the rotating equipment.

Since 2003 INTRACOM Trade is developing itself as a firm, which provides to its clients products and services related with the maintenance of the rotating equipment as well as and preventive, and predictive programs for it.

Since 2003 INTRACOM Trade has a system for quality of the management, according to ISO 9001:2000 EN standard.

Since 2004 INTRACOM Trade is distributor of the industrial products of Loctite.

Since 2005 INTRACOM Trade is certified maintenance partner of SKF.

Since 2006 INTRACOM Trade expands her range of products including the new range of SKF products like – chains, belts, couplings, sprockets and etc.

Since November 2007 INTRACOM Trade is an authorized distributor of the Hitachi power tools, UNIOR hand tools and measuring instruments of Fluke.









SKF – “Power Trasmissions”